– Resort Fees and Parking Fees in Las Vegas Hotels

Information about resort fees and parking fees in Las Vegas gives you all the information you need to know about resort fees and parking fees in Las Vegas hotels. Do you want to know what the resort fee is for a specific hotel in Las Vegas? Are you wondering what’s included in a resort fee? Why do Las Vegas hotels even charge resort fees to hotel guests? And what are the parking fees in Las Vegas? With this website we are giving you an answer to all your resort fees and parking fees in Las Vegas questions.

Resort fees on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown

Resort fees Las Vegas StripEvery hotel in Las Vegas can decide for their own if they want to charge a resort fee to hotel guests. Especially in the last two/three years the growth of resort fees in Las Vegas hotels has been explosive. Nowadays, when you book a room in Las Vegas on or around the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown area, you have a big chance of being charged a resort fee to your room.

Guests will be charged around $20.00 to $40.00 per room per night, depending on which hotel you stay. If you are staying in Las Vegas even for a couple of days you can imagine this resort fee in Las Vegas really adds up to your hotel bill. Luckily enough there are still some hotels without a resort fee in Las Vegas, but they are in a huge minority.