What is a Resort Fee in Las Vegas and how to avoid it?

A resort fee in Las Vegas is a mandatory daily fee paid per night and per room. Many hotels in Las Vegas charge this so called ‘resort fee’. Everyone who is staying at a hotel in Vegas which has a resort fee has to pay this mandatory fee at the end of their stay.

Many hotels in Las Vegas have a resort fee, but why?

Almost every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has a resort fee nowadays. There is no way to avoid the resort fee, beside a couple exceptions. It’s a much hated fee all around Vegas tourists and visitors. When you pay the resort fee, you will get some ‘services’ in exchange.

Many people say you don’t get what you pay for and that seems right. Why would you use internet for $39.00 a day (in some hotels they charge this for a resort fee!), when you have a cheap data plan on your phone? Or why would you use the fitness center when you are just here in Las Vegas to gamble and have some fun instead of working on your body?

That’s the reason why many people who visit Las Vegas don’t like to pay a resort fee to a hotel. Especially when they just gambled hundreds of dollars away. It isn’t customer-friendly at all, while years ago the customer-friendliness was the best thing about Las Vegas. Now it’s a big extra revenue stream hotels get out of these resort fees.

What do you get when you pay a resort fee in Las Vegas?

In general you will get: (high speed) internet access, unlimited local and toll free calls, airline boarding pass printing, digital newspaper access and fitness access. It varies by the hotel you are staying at. Please check the page Las Vegas Hotels with Resort Fees to learn more about what ‘services’ are included within your resort fee from the hotel you are interested in.

Do I have to pay a resort fee in Las Vegas?

Yes, ordinarily every guest of a hotel who charges a resort fee in Las Vegas has to pay this daily fee. There are a couple exceptions though. When you are staying at one of the Caesars Entertainment properties like: Caesars Palace, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo or The LINQ you can get the resort fee waived if you are a Total Rewards player with Diamond or Seven Stars status. Only guests who gamble a lot can acquire this status, so you can image why guests with these players club card get the resort fee waived, right? 🙂

How to avoid a resort fee in Las Vegas?

If you don’t want to pay for a resort fee in Las Vegas you should simply search for hotels (mostly off strip hotels) where they don’t charge you are resort fee. You can check the page Las Vegas Hotels without Resort Fees to see a list of all the Las Vegas hotels without resort fees so you can avoid paying a resort fee in Las Vegas.

How to get a discount on a resort fee in Las Vegas?

When you had an unpleasant stay at your hotel in Las Vegas, you can complain to the clerk at the counter of your hotel when you are checking-out. Sometimes they will you give a discount on the resort fee and waive one or even a couple days. You can always complain in the hope that you get some discount on the resort fee, even though your stay at the hotel was great. I wouldn’t recommend it, because this is not the most fairest thing to do and it gets you bad karma. Especially in a gambling city like Las Vegas, but in the end the choice is yours! 🙂